Pangaea Toy PG05 Scottish General 1/6 Scale

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1. This is a fully assembled 1/6 scale figure with body, head and the accessories as below parts list..
2. It's new, original and comes in a packaging box directly from the manufacturer.

Parts List:


1.  Detailed sculpted head with synthetic hair wig

2.  Muscular body "Andrew" (Over 30 points articulation, well-define torso and limbs; Impressive muscle definition)

3.  5 pieces of interchangeable palms


1.    Tunic

2.    Highland dress: Kilt and Sash

3.    A pair of fabric shoes

** All fabric parts with handmade worn effect.


1.    Brigandine (Chest armor)

2.    Vambrace with hand sewing décor


1.    Claymore sword (great sword) (Die-cast metal)

2.    Pickaxe (Die-cast axe head with plastic handle)

3.    Sledge hammer

4.    Shield (Plastic with die-cast shield boss)