Phicen TBLeague 2016-M33 1/6 Flexible Male Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton

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Parts List:
1-M33 male super flexible seamless body with metal skeleton
2-interchangeable hands * 6pcs/3pairs
3-removable flat-heeled feet * 1pair
4-feet connector/adaptor * 2pcs/1pair
5-shorts * 1pc
6-wrist band * 1pair
7-ankle support * 1pair
Head Sculpt not included
Here comes a new member, PL2016-M33, our4th. 1:6 scale seamless male figure body with stainless steel skeleton following its three seniors: PL2015-M30, PL2016-M31 and PL2016-M32, which are broadly acclaimed by clients all over the world. 

PL2016-M33 stands 30cm, to satisfy different DIY needs, we include a pair of feet connector/adaptor with which you can make it 1cm taller. As for the physique, it’s beautiful in the sense of being muscular in a very well-proportioned way, check out the pics to see that for yourself please.

If you ever had your hands on any of our first two models, then you know how
flexible/posable/durable they are, how the skin feels like and despite some
aspects to improve, how aesthetically beautiful and anatomically scientific the
bodies are. As mentioned above, the first two models have got loads of attention
and reviews, good and bad, we appreciate them all. They guide us the right direction to go. Combine that with our strong R&D and manufacturing strength, we could do better with higher efficiency.