Pre-order Daftoys F020 Prisoner 1/6 Scale

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This is a pre-order item

Full price: $190 
Non refundable deposit: $30
Remaining payment: $160

Estimated Release date: Q1 2022

Clothes list:

1. Pure blue shirt*1

2. Striped shirt *1

3. Fattening underwear*1

4. White T-shirt*1

5. Jeans (the strap can be put on and taken off) *1

6. Denim jacket*1

7. Cowboy cap*1

Accessories list:

1.RED head sculpt *1

2.ABDY head sculpt *1

3.Hand *8

4.Baseball glove (right hand) *1

5.Baseball *1

6.Shoes *2

7.Harmonica *1

8.Black body *1

9.Poster *3

10.Poster scroll paper tube *1

11.Three-layer wooden step seat *1

12.Beer *1

13.Cigarette *2

14.Stone carving go chess *1

15.Checkerboard *1

16.Paper background board *1

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  • Expected Arrival Date is only an estimate given by factory
  • We have no any control of when the manufacturer will get us the item.
  • NRD is applied even when the full amount is paid up front