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The Mars Toys team produced the Wall Street Mr. Jordan 1/6th scale collection figures according to the character's height ratio and styling details, and combined with superb production technology and high texture to restore the image in the movie

Through exquisite Sculpture, a real head sculpture with vivid expression, hairstyle and facial features restored like a real person is produced.

Refer to a set of clothing with a high rate of appearance in the play, restore the texture of the fabric, the stripe spacing of the suit and shirt, the proportions, and the rich details of the tie.

Abundant accessories restore the rich and extravagant life of the characters in the play, including a bottle of champagne with a glass, five stacks of dollars, an expired bottle of "Lemmon-714" and eight "Lemmon-714" pills, and two bottles of orange medicine bottles. ,
A microphone set is indispensable for the passionate speech before the opening of the day. The classic line: "sell me this pen", a golden pen, and a pair of sunglasses when going out to play.

There are 8 hands with the figures, among which the left hand has the shape of a ring, a golden watch and a pair of black leather shoes, and a specially designed platform for the figures.

Wall Street Mr. Jordan (MAT007) 1/6 scale collection figures product features:

-A new head sculpt(Sculpted by NUT PIZ) -Proportional body with movable joints
-8 replaceable hands

-A dark blue striped suit
-A pair of dark blue striped trousers -A blue striped shirt
-A polka dot tie

-A bottle of champagne
-A cup
-Five stacks of US dollars
-An expired bottle of "Lemmon-714"
-Eight "Lemmon-714" tablets
-A set of microphones with base and stand -A golden fountain pen
-A pair of sunglasses
-A golden watch
-A pair of black leather shoes
-Specially designed stand

**The picture shown is not the final product prototype
**If there are any changes to the product details, it will be displayed in the Facebook account @Mars Toys