Soosootoys SST044 1/6 UNBREAKABLE (Pre order)

Brand: One Sixth Corner

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Full price: $205
Non refundable deposit: $40
Balance payment: $165

Parts List:

-One(1)Normal detailed head sculpt with eyes masked
-One(1)damaged version head with eyes masked
-Two(2)Interchangeable highly-detailed hairs sculpture
-Body with over 30 points of articulations
-Approximately 28cm tall
-Nine(9)pieces of interchangeable hands including:
-One(1)pair of fists
-One(1)pair of relaxed palms
-One(1)pair of opening palms
-One(1)pair of damaged version fists
-One(1)piece of holding a baseball
-One(1)meticulously tailored unbreakable suit
-One(1)Interchangeable yellow neck
-One(1)Interchangeable damaged version yellow neck
-One(1)pair interchangeable yellow gauntlets
-One(1)pair interchangeable damaged version yellow gauntlets
-One(1)pair of blue boots
-One(1)figure stand
-One(1)white baseball

    • Non Refundable Deposit is applied within 48 hours of placing the order
    • Please understand that the NRD will not be refunded for any reason unless manufacturer cancels the project
    • Expected Arrival Date is only an estimate and we cant control it
    • Non Refundable Deposit is applied even if full amount is paid up front