• About Pre Order
  • Our pre order policy is very simple and straight forward, you may place your pre order item by submit the non-refundable deposit, or non refundable full payment, and we will invoice you a remaining payment invoice by PayPal when the item(s) are going to release, and we will ship the item immediately once the remaining invoice is being paid. The reason of pre ordering is because some of the item might only produced in limited quantity; therefore we might not have the 'pre order item' in stock when it has released, so by placing your pre order, we will reserve them for you.

    All pre order item post will state the release period; please do understand the risk of being delay before placing your pre order, and we are not responsible and will not refund deposits / full payments due to release schedule is being delay, because once you place your pre order, we pay in full to manufacturer 

     All pre order deposit are not refundable, and deposit payment will be forfeited if fail to settle remaining payment within 8 days (count from the day we have sent out the remaining PayPal invoice).


    1. Responsibility


    1.1 One Sixth Corner as a retailer, the responsibilities for offering after-sales service and quality control is burdened by manufacturers and distributors. We will always help our customers and seek from suppliers if anything goes wrong. 

    1. Procedure


    2.1 If the product you got has quality issues that falls into our after-sales coverage, we would need to get a video while unboxing your package and we will analyse after seeing the video.

    2.2 Please make sure the after-sales request is done within 7 working days after delivery. Requests after 7 days will not be accepted.

    2.3 If the manufacturer is able to provide us the accessory with defects, we will send the replacement for you for free.

    2.4 If the supplier is not able to provide the accessories for replacements, we would offer you the most similar accessories we have in stock, or offer you a certain refund amount in store credit depending on the value of the acessory.

    2.5 For the non-standard figure body with special features, if the supplier could provide repair service, we would pay for the postage for you to send it back, and send it to you once repairing is done.

    2.6 If you do not want to enter the procedure because the problem won’t influence the overall functionality of your figure, we can offer you an refund amount in store credit


    1. Included In After-sales Service


    3.1 Miss-out of any accessory or connectors

    3.2 Fracture of connectors , which could not be resolved by adding / replacing connector (Some products have loose head & neck connection or boots & feet connection generally, this is a common issue and could be self-modified, and is not covered in after-sales service)

    3.3 Serious defect / flaws on the accessories which could not be self-repaired and is not caused after product is opened.

    3.3.a Detachment of sculpted Hair-piece

    3.3.b Recognizable stain, spot, miss in the painting of Head Sculpt (All the painting job is done manually, please allow slight unevenness. Spots with diameter <= 1mm is not covered in after-sales)

    3.3.c Fracture of the figure body skeleton which could not be self-repaired by replacing connectors

    3.3.d Recognizable tear on the clothes fiber, or series sewing mistake (All the 1/6 scale clothes set are made manually. Due to different standards and capacity, please kindly understand that some details cannot be 100% perfect. Stitches and other details which reflect the level of manufacturers’ craft and skills, rather than quality problem is not covered in after-sales. Please choose the brand that you trust)

    3.3.e Disfunction of light-up feature


    Not included In After-sales Service


    4.1 "Difference" between final released product and advertised prototype effects. ( All 1/6 products are produced in pre-order mode, the factory might adjust some details without notifying us.

    4.2 Damage after figure is opened and played, e.g. broken wrist joints, tear of clothing accessories, detachment of buttons, break of zip…(Before you bend the articulations of the figure body, adjust the clothing details, or redress the figure, make sure you handle it very carefully and know what you are doing)

    4.3 Dyeing on the figure body by the clothes’ pigment ( Not all the factories would specifically test the un-dyeing feature of the fiber, please read the description and see if there’s a specifically put statement that the fiber would not cause dyeing issues. If there’s not, we strongly advise that you wrap the body with preservative film that could prevent direct attachment between the clothes and the body)

    Special Notice On Returning Request

    5.1 Because of the high requirement on MINT packaging condition, we do not accept return for the reason of “just don’t like it” or other purely personal perspectives.

    5.2 If there’s a quality problem on the figure which could be resolved by replacing / repairing accessories, we would contact the supplier in our biggest efforts, and pay for the postage to ship the replacement to you. (Since the after-sale procedure could involve the waiting for responses from the factories’ or agent’ end, we could not promise a specific timeframe of final resolving, we cannot accept return request because of the waiting)

    5.3 In order to remain the M.I.N.T condition of all products, we cannot examine every product after release. Thus, “different from expected” or “different from advertised during pre-order” is not accepted as a reason for return or after-sales request.